From week in week out gigs, to opening the main stage at the Glade festival, as well as their Breakspoll award winning NSB radio show and running their own record label, Ape Music, Ben & Lex could well be the busiest boys in bass!

2013 has seen the duo take a break to work on other projects include everything from Car adverts to Hollywood film trailers but now they are most definitely back with a forthcoming debut album on the horizon and a brand new live show to go with it with MC Jay Tuns and vocalist Lydia Kaye.


Even with their roots in breaks, the pair have never content to stay within the confines of one musical genre & they embrace every corner of bass heavy music from hip hop to house and from dubstep to D’n’B, which has led to them become massively in demand as club Djs, playing almost every weekend. Anyone who has seen them leaping around behind the decks will know, their frenetic one-on one-off sets will never let you even get close to being bored on the dancefloor and the Ben & Lex Live! show is no different.

Their label, Ape Music, has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 months with releases regularly in the top tens of all the download shops with huge releases and remixes from Freerange Djs, 601, Afghan Headspin, Vandal, Terry Hooligan, Flore, Benjamin Vial, 2 Bit Thugs and of course Ben and Lex themselves.

With a massively successful tour with the mighty Dub Pistols under their belt atthe end of 2013 and a whole host of festival appearances already booked for their live show next year, including their first outing to the awesome Snowbombing (Austria) and plenty more on the cards as well these two look like they will be impossible to escape, so if they are in a neighbourhood near you, go see them, jump around and treat yourself to a damn good party!

DJ : Rocstar Agency
Ben & Lex LIVE! : Midnight Mango

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