Ben & Lex ft Pharcyde ‘Bang Like This’ [Ghetto Funk] OUT NOW!!!


Funk yes!!! this is finally out. Go and buy and funk on!

Press Release:
“I’ve just left the GFHQ underground love bunker to secure the services of the female lead / love interest / remixer for the next GF EP ‘Bang Like This’.

I’m slightly in shock and awe because when I left the Armani suited George Clooney, the Gucci slippered Ghetto Funk and the Versace vested Matt Damon they had one name circled on their whiteboard under vocals; Pharcyde, The. Bloody. Pharcyde! Under really filthy big guns they’d written ‘Ben & Lex’ (Matt Damon had underlined Ben & Lex a lot, whilst high fiving the other two and whooping like a mad wolf)

I called Sandra but she’s filming Gravity II ‘pigs in space’ and Julia is back in rehab but I did find Howla wearing a wig and a Chinese dress in a back alley offering to do unmentionable things for two dollar. A retouch of lippy, a splash of Anais Anais, some mouthwash and she’ll be alright, for there’s no one finer trained in the art of ‘blowing the back doors off’.

Are we kidding?

Hell no!”

Ghetto Funk!!!