Ben & Lex ft Pharcyde ‘Bang Like This’ [Ghetto Funk]


“I’ve just left the GFHQ underground love bunker to secure the services of the female lead / love interest / remixer for the next GF EP ‘Bang Like This’.

I’m slightly in shock and awe because when I left the Armani suited George Clooney, the Gucci slippered Ghetto Funk and the Versace vested Matt Damon they had one name circled on their whiteboard under vocals; Pharcyde, The. Bloody. Pharcyde! Under really filthy big guns they’d written ‘Ben & Lex’ (Matt Damon had underlined Ben & Lex a lot, whilst high fiving the other two and whooping like a mad wolf)

I called Sandra but she’s filming Gravity II ‘pigs in space’ and Julia is back in rehab but I did find Howla wearing a wig and a Chinese dress in a back alley offering to do unmentionable things for two dollar. A retouch of lippy, a splash of Anais Anais, some mouthwash and she’ll be alright, for there’s no one finer trained in the art of ‘blowing the back doors off’.” [Ghetto Funk Press Release]