Check Out Our New Live Project ‘Simian Frenzy’

So some of you observant types may have seen that we have embarked on a new venture. A project based around a live outfit consisting of us terrible twosome and our regular MC homey Jay Tuns and the incredibly talented singer & songwriter, Lydia Kaye – Simian Frenzy

We decided to start this new group as a vehicle to write & perform tunes that were much more based around vocalists and rappers and not just the straight up dancefloor bizzle we have become down for. Don’t get me wrong, these new tunes have still got pleeeeeeeenty of bass and will smash it up inna dance but they are definitely much more song based than before and across many genres. In fact, if anything they ignore genres for whatever style suited that song best.

We enjoyed the Ben & Lex Live tour we did at the end of last year supporting our badman buddies the Dub Pistols so much, that we thought that this direction deserved its own name, branding (don’t worry, it’s still monkey obsessed) and sound and we are pleased to say that we are off and up and running and the first single might even be out by the time you read this. You will already be able to catch us at some festies this summer from Snowbombing in Austria to the Glade Stage at Glastonbury so if you are out and about come check us out. We’re really quite good don’t you know 😉

We also have loads of massively exciting guest vocalists & MC’s too from the mighty Rodney P on our debut single to my famalam Million Dan to a UK number one artist in my mutual name sake – Lex One (Wizard Sleeve – Riversssiiiiddde Mutha Fcka!!!) to the lovely Scarlett Quinn and Ashley Slater of Kittin and the Hip/Freakpower fame.

We’ve also got some incredible remixes to come and exciting projects to be involved in that we’ll announce along the way but for now, just know that the Simian Frenzy has begun!!

To be kept up to date on Simian Frenzy goings on check out the website, facebook page and our soundcloud.

Peaz & gloves