Sawgood vs Hanuman Tribe ‘Sawtribe (Ben & Lex Remix)’

Our good friends Hunuman Tribe from Riot Riot Records asked us to remix their latest release, Sawgood vs Hanuman Tribe ‘Sawtribe’, and we jumped at the chance. We dropped this for the 1st time at their event in Germany earlier this year and… It. Went. Off!

So you know BEN & LEX, tru badboys out of the deepest corner of dirty peaty southwest UK, big bosses of Ape Music, one half of the Grand Ruckus, Slugrave masterminds, Old Men in the Corner, Glade veterans and breakbeat hooligans par excellence?

So I have not to tell you about the power to destroy complete floors with their mighty oversize armed 140 remix. BLUKU!

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